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The Release of Large Menu Icons

Menu-Icons.com announces the release of Large Menu Icons, a royalty-free library of stock menu images for application developers and web designers. The new set includes 398 icons drawn in matching style, color and gamut. The Large Menu Icons collection sells for $49.00.

About Large Menu Icons

Large Menu Icons is the perfect choice for busy application and Web site developers. This collection of stock icons with matching properties such as style and colors, can be used in various projects and scripts, as well as on portals, blogs, forums, and web sites. Large Menu Icons will make an application, blog or applet look modern and consistent throughout. All icons in the Large Menu Icons collection are royalty-free. The entire collection is immediately available and comes with an online preview.

What’s Inside

The Large Menu Icons collection contains images representing all sides of the application work. Some of the icons in the set are: open, close, edit, validate, time, clock, error, OK, data, computer, archive, people, user, girl, man, admin, horse, car and more.


Large Menu Icons
Technically, the set includes icons in a number of formats, sizes, color resolutions, and image styles. Every icon from the library comes in sizes of 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64 pixels. Normal, disabled, and highlighted versions are included for every icon. 256-color and semi-transparent True Color icons are supplied. Large Menu Icons are delivered in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF and PNG formats for instant integration into any systems. The entire Large Menu Icons collection is available for only $49.00. Source images are also available in SVG and AI formats for an additional payment.

Menu-Icons.com also plans to release a number of new original icon sets including Lumina Menu Icons, Windows Menu Icons, New Menu Icons, Cool Menu Icons, Win8 menu Icons, Vista Menu Icons, Mac Menu Icons, Android Tab Icons, Linux Menu Icons, Nokia Menu Icons, iPhone Menu Icons, Mobile Menu Icons.

About the Company

Menu-Icons.com offers thousands of icons in the most difficult small resolutions. PDA and mobile developers and designers can enhance their software with smooth, perfectly rendered icons in the most convenient resolutions. Menu-Icons.com are available in all sizes common to desktop and mobile applications for mobile phones, communicators, and desktop applications. All icons offered by Menu Icons are royalty-free, ready-made and instantly available.

Why Designing a Mars Rover Like Curiosity Just Got a Lot Easier By Tim Maly

MSL Rover NX CAD model

You’ve all seen the artist renditions. This is what Curiosity looks like to an engineer.

A few minutes into our interview last Thursday, I ask Tim Nichols, managing director of Global Aerospace, Defenses and Marine Industries at Siemens, if he was nervous about the Curiosity’s fate on Sunday. “Of course I am,” he says with a laugh, “We all know about missions to Mars — they’re complex.” None moreso than Curiosity’s elaborate landing sequence, designed to get the SUV-sized robot down safely.

He needn’t have worried. Late Sunday night, the rover successfully set down on the Martian landscape, overseen by a tense room of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers and watched by so many people here on Earth that all of NASA’s websites crashed. Like the rest of us, Nichols was glued to his screen. Unlike the rest of us, Nichols gets to say he had a hand in it. His company’s software designed Curiosity.

Curiosity is much larger than her unexpectedly long-lived predecessors, Spirit and Opportunity. This meant that she couldn’t just land bundled inside airbags like the smaller rovers.

Instead, the mission executed a complex series of maneuvers to eject the robot from its capsule and lower it to the ground, via a rocket-powered sky crane in a sequence of events that NASA called the Seven Minutes of Terror.

Curiosity was designed by the JPL at the California Institute of Technology. When it came time to coordinate the enormous team of designers and engineers that built Curiosity, the capsule, and the sky crane, JPL turned to Siemens. They needed to design the robot (relatively) cheaply and they needed to design it fast — the launch window for missions to Mars comes once every two years. If you miss the deadline, there’s a long wait ahead.
MSL Capsule with Rover NX CAE thermal model

If you squint, you can see Curiosity and the sky crane folded up together in the capsule.

Luckily, Siemens had developed software suited to this sort of project. They call it Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

One of the costliest parts of creating a new physical product is building and testing prototypes. With PLM’s robust suite of simulators and version tracking, you can avoid a lot of physical prototyping — saving both time and money, and speeding up the development process. In essence, PLM turns the physical engineering of a product into a process that looks more and more like designing code.

PLM runs on a laptop, connected to a central asset manager, called the Team Center. Engineers can check out parts of the project, work on their problems and assignments, and then check it back in to the main branch. This allows for a lot of concurrent design work. “In the past, engineering teams would be somewhat isolated by discipline,” says Nichols, “The overall leadership recognized that they needed to bring all the groups together.”

This is a far cry from past projects, which would be designed as a series of handoffs between teams. First the thermal profiles would be worked out, then the aerodynamics, on down the line. Propagating changes between teams could become a nightmare. PLM changed all of that, Nichols says, giving the team the ability to “compress the schedule and … do many more design iterations.”
MSL NX CAD Exploded view of seperation stages

With luck, this is the only exploded view of the Mars lander that we’ll ever see.

If this sounds a lot like software engineering, especially the open source variety, it’s because it is. There’s a version control system, the ability to check code in and out of the system, and a set of test suites that allow you check the performance of your part of the module in relation to the whole. By keeping the objects in software for as long as possible, you can treat them like software, with all of the speed and flexibility that this implies.

Nichols says their suite of tools has been used to design everything from golf clubs — “Golf clubs are pretty sophisticated, though they haven’t helped my game.” — to aircraft carriers. Looking ahead, he predicts an increasing incidence of distributed international teams of contributors working on a project.
“Global virtual collaboration and engineering is really the future,” he says. “We want to see more of that.”

But first, Curiosity had to make it to Mars. “We all have our fingers crossed,” he said on Thursday. You can uncross them now, Mr Nichols.

iPhone vs. Android: the Epic Battle

Androids vs. iPhones. The discussion continues. At the time the iPhone first hit the market, there was really no competition. The iPhone was playing in a class of its own. Early Android devices were dismal: sluggish UI, lags here and there, and the overall “assemble-it-yourself” approach just didn’t with consumers.

iphone icons
Today, the situation has changed. With the latest iPhone being a superb device and a luxurious platform, the newest Androids leave little to be desired. Today’s Androids have no UI lags, offer most of the same apps in the Android Market, and abandoned the do-it-yourself, LEGO type approach. Today, picking one phone over another is more of a personal preference. Let’s try to find out what’s good about going the Apple route, and what benefits the Android way can bring.

Hardware and Model Selection

With Apple, you are always limited to just a few models. Or, rather, you can choose from only one current model in several versions that differ very little. There are a few older models available from the used market, but that’s about it. “You can have any color as long as it’s black”.

Android phones, on the other hand, come in all sorts of shapes, models and colors. Different manufacturers use entirely different hardware. Different screens, processors, memory. Very different quality and usability. Buying an Android phone will require you to do a research on what’s available, while you can’t go really wrong with any current iPhone. Are you a techno geek or a gadget guy? Look for an Android phone that flies with you. The rest will be served by Apple.


The latest generation of iPhones has a superb Retina display. These super high pixel density displays will render your apps, icons and pictures so crisp it’s hard to believe. Kudos to Apple: they made one of the best screens ever.

Android phones ship with all sorts of screens. Some of the better ones can reach iPhones in pixel density, but software integration is still lagging. Many apps still have low-resolution icons and graphics designed to be shown on lower-resolution screens. When selecting an Android phone, you will have to watch really carefully to buy a model with a good screen. If you’re not friends with numbers, icon dimensions, angles of view and other specs, just leave the Androids alone.

Built-in Software and Interface

An iPhone is an iPhone. They’re all the same. Same operating system, one user interface, the same set of pre-installed apps, same icons. You can customize it by moving things around and picking a few icons on your own, but there’s only so much you’re allowed to do.

Androids come in all sorts of flavor. Different firmware and dozens of OS versions, builds and codenames. Different sets of icons for same apps. Completely different shells and launchers. Fully customizable: you can make Android phones look like whatever you want (and it’s not all about custom icons) – but you have to know what you’re doing. With such a broad variety, some models are simply better as in simpler to use, more stable and working faster than others. If building your very own tailored system is fun for you, by all means buy the Android. If you like your phone working out of the box, get an iPhone and begin using it right away.


iPhones don’t don’t accept memory cards. You’ll be stuck with the amount of memory you originally bought. If you outgrow your iPhone, you’ll have to get another iPhone, bringing more dough to Apple.

Most but not all Android phones come with a microSD slot, allowing you to add more memory when you need it. With microSD cards getting cheaper every year, you will be better off in the long run if you get an Android.

With iPhones, you can’t even replace a battery. If your battery dies in some years (they all do; lithium batteries won’t hold charge after 3-4 years), you’ll be shipping your iPhone back to Apple for a “major repair” (more money to Apple), or be shopping for a new iPhone (even more money to Apple).

While some Android devices use similarly fixed batteries, most phones are easy: just lift the back cover and throw a new battery in. A new battery will only cost you a few dollars, allowing you to buy a replacement phone when you want it.


Android phones are cheaper to buy and more affordable to upgrade and maintain. They’re more extensible and customizable. iPhones work great straight out of the box, and offer one of the best usage experience ever. Which one to pick? The choice is yours.

Source: Apple iPhone vs. Android: the Epic Battle

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XP Icon ? Offering Best Opportunity to Modify!

Basically, the faster icon editors have been used to design icon and modify the icons. In this regard, XP icon editor can offer better assistance to the part time graphic designers and professional to edit or create attractive and clear icons. With the help of XP icons you can get lot of opportunity to modify as well as invent new icons according to your requirement. At the same way, you can find 16 million colorful and custom sizes to create new icons. You can also have 8-bit alpha channel that with 32-bit color for the Windows XP. You can also get opportunity to expand your edit image up to 3000×3000 and find the icons in every format that required for different setting of the format. This XP icon is also offered some export image of the icons in the various files and format through which you can never require to change any sorts of setting in your computer. There is no have to download files on the disk, as Icon Extractor can grab the icon images from Internet totally automatically.

The design XP icon will assist to make the application and web page simpler to use and more aesthetically pleasing. The design XP icon will highly improve software as well as websites, and getting over that very important artistic message, which also sets the projects far apart from a competition. So, giving the projects your personal as well as unique touch with the design icons are one rewarding as well as productive experience that you will know. It is where the Perfect Design XP icon will help you out and all the XP icon are given in the selection of the formats as well as sizes that will suit about each and every individual requirement. The high quality of XP icon is necessary in about any kind of application as well as they are used on a web as well. So, one of problems with the icons is they generally tend taking the long time for you to design.

RPG Game Icons ? Available in Three Picture Formats!

This sort of game icons have been designed by the game developers, and the RPG game icons are now available in assortment sizes such as 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, and 64×64 so that you have chance to use this sort of icons on your desktop. Also, these sorts of icons are also available in 3 picture formats such as PNG, BMP, and ICO. One of the best benefits of the RPG game icons is that these are having transparent background, and also you can enjoy the professional look on your desktop. Also, these sorts of icons are having state variations like hot, normal, and disabled. If you want to use these sorts of icons on your desktop, then you need to move for the online media. Here, you can get numbers RPG icons through which you can able to decorate your desktop beautifully. Now, it?s time to move for the online media and get more information about these sort RPG game icons.

The RPG Game Icons give the game developers with different range of the images, which make the RPG game development simpler & FASTER. Select from the selection of around 48 icons with the different range of the sizes that also include 32×32, 64×64, 48×48, 16×16 and 24×24. The RPG Game Icons are accessible in the range of the formats that includes ICO and PNG, BMP. All of the icons have the transparent background for the professional look or are given in 3 state variations of the normal, hot as well as disabled eliminating need for the graphics editor. For the RPG game developers, which prefer the Combination of the professional looking icons & diversity, the RPG Game Icons are what you require. The RPG Game Icons may spruce up the existing RPG game and become the essential component for the game under the development.

Anuthin Wongsunkakon ? Stated a Thai Communication Design Firm

Anuthin Wongsunkakon is a designer born in 1973 at Bangkok. He was also stated a Thai communication design firm by the typographic solution with the help of his partner Cadson Demark. He has also started studying the graphics designs works at the Rangsit University when Thai design sector developed its designs to pre computer based designs into computer based graphics. After finishing his bachelor degree he sustained in his studies in New York at Pratt Institute. However, Anuthin and two of his best friends have got Cadson Demak in 2002 by the original plan to make stylish, affordable design and simple products. Finally, they have steered the corporation to communication as well as about the designs. Basically, his works are dealing with the lettering, logotype and print designs. He is getting more popularity for his gift that he offers to Thai typography. These are used in the tradition font plan or design service to the business industry like the Creative Technology and Advance Info Service.


Much of the work deals with logotype, print, as well as lettering, however he is known for the contribution to the Thai typography or for reintroducing the custom font service to local business industry. The Anuthin had given fonts for a lot of companies that includes Creative Technology, Advance Info Service, Men?s Health, Wallpaper and Arena that he collaborated with the Christian Schwartz for designing Amplitude. His frequent collaborator is the Ekaluck Peanpanawate, that worked very closely under the direction on many projects like Nokia Sans, dtac?, Tesco Lotus and CAT?. Apart from custom made ones, Latin and Thai typefaces is used by different enterprises, notably in the local and the international magazines like Wired, Blue, as well as Snowboarding. Few of them look on the book covers, record sleeves and consumer products, Five for Fighting and so on.

Icon Design ? Get More Icon Design Image!

At present, numbers of icons designers and developers are offering some eye-catching and lucrative icons through which computer users are getting right result to decorate their system. Keep in mind that icons are the primary things while users interface a system. There are numbers icons design images available in the online market which has specially designed for Windows, MAC OS, Iphone, and Anadroid. These sorts of icon designs are available in four picture formats such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP. One of the best advantages of icon design is so compatible in 2003, XP, Vista, 98 and 95 respectively. Also, the icon design is available in assortment formats through which you can fulfill your system?s requirements. Before downloading the icon design, you need to consider your system operating system. It?s time to spend more attention for downloading the icon designs from online media. This sort of icon design is available in 16 color screen.


In case, you are searching for the professional custom icon design, the Icon Design does all thing for you, and presenting you with best quality of expert results. Whatever kind of the icons you need, the service cannot disappoint, giving you the main Program Icons, the Company logos or interface icons for toolbars and menus. Main program icon is the first things the user of software will see, thus this needs to have the distinct, memorable as well as attractive look. The first impressions count for much as well as software is of no exception. Despite importance of however, it is ignored and lots of programs make use of poor quality of icons. The interface icons will be made with the custom icon design, giving the software unique look as well as feel and making interface simpler to use.

Drawing Android Dialog Icons

Android developers must follow the stringent guidelines when designing icons for their mobile apps. Icon Design Guidelines for Dialog Icons specify icon resolutions and provide guidelines for choosing the color palette and visual styling of icons used in pop-up dialog boxes and interactive prompts.

Android apps run on a wide range of hardware platforms equipped with screens of different resolutions. To accommodate the variety of screens used in the many devices running Android, the guidelines specify three different icon sizes for low-, mid- and high-resolution screens. These resolutions are defined as 24×24 pixels for low-definition displays (ldpi), 32×32 pixels for medium-resolution screens (mdpi), and 48×48 pixels for high-resolution screens (hdpi).

Style wise, Android dialog icons are flat, face-on graphics designed with the use of a light gradient and inner shadow. These visual features help dialog icons to stand out against a dark background. No
isometric projection or 3D styles are allowed in order to maintain a uniform look among all Android applications developed by multiple vendors.

Android Dialog Icons Design

1. Dialog icons have a 1 pixel safeframe
2. Inner shadow: black, 25% opacity, angle -90?,
distance 1px, size 0px
3. Front part: gradient overlay, angle 90?
bottom: r 223 ; g 223 ; b 223,
top: r 249 ; g 249 ; b 249,
bottom color location: 0%,
top color location: 75%

The Design Guidelines specify a gradient for icons? overlay. The gradient overlay is laid out from bottom to the top at an angle of 90 degrees. The gradient starts from the bottom as 233, 233, 233 (an R,G,B color), and goes up to 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B) at 75% to the top. The space from that point up is filled with a solid color of 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B).

Android Dialog Icons

The inner shadow is added black at 25% opacity (controlled via the alpha-channel) at -90 degrees. The shift from the main picture is 1px, while the size of the shadow is 0px (which means the shadow is the size of the main image itself).

Designing Android-style dialog icons is a fairly easy, step-by-step process. You can create your icons in a graphic editor such as Adobe Photoshop by downloading the Icon Templates Pack for Android 2.3 from the Android Web site. However, raster editing may not be the best way, as you will have to draw each of the three icon resolutions separately.

To save time drawing the three sizes (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi), a vector editor is recommended. You can draw the basic shape of the icon in a vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator and export the image into Adobe Photoshop, rendering the vector source into the required reaolution (24×24, 32×32, or 48×48 pixels correspondingly). The rest is simple: add an overlay gradient in a separate layer, and add the correct inner shadow in yet another layer. Save the icon as a PSD file for future editing, and save it as a PNG file with transparency enabled to use the icon in your Android app.

To save time designing icons for your Android app, you may choose a ready-made icon set instead. The extensive library of Android Dialog Icons by Aha-Soft http://www.aha-soft.com/stock-icons/android-dialog-icons.htm offers 86 unique icons drawn in strict accordance with the Dialog Icons Design Guidelines. This royalty-free collection is provided in the form of PNG files with alpha-channel, and offers PSD source images. Scalable AI and SVG vector sources are available. You can preview and purchase the set at the company?s Web site.

Android Dialog Icons

Using Stock Icons in Your Application

There are a few typical questions usually asked by developers. Where should I use 32-bit icons with alpha-channel, and why choose them over traditional 8-bit images? What development environment support 32-bit graphics, and what file formats should be used? Finally, which versions of stock icons to use for the many Windows control elements? Let’s clear these questions one by one.


Download icon images for development

Picking 32-bit icons over their 8-bit counterparts is natural. 32-bit icons feature an extra layer describing a translucency mask. This layer is called alpha channel. Thanks to the alpha channel, icons with 32-bit color depth can integrate nicely with any background, featuring smooth edges and looking in place even if your background has a busy color, gradient, or shows an image or pattern. In addition, the alpha channel can make shadows and reflections appear semi-transparent, making them appear natural and overall rendering extremely realistic.
So, 32-bit icons are just the right type to use. The real question is if you will be able to use them in your project. In reality, 32-bit icons can be used in most situations – and cannot be used in others. If you’re designing a Web site, then chances are that your target audience already has compatible Web browsers that can show 32-bit icons with full semi-translucency support. Exceptions are far and between, and include Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions, ancient builds of Mozilla, and a few resource-limited mobile browsers (although most mobile browsers can still display 32-bit images).

For Web use, you would use 32-bit icons in PNG format wherever possible. If maintaining support for really old browsers is important, you can fall back to 24-bit PNG icons, converting the original 32-bit images with an icon editing tool such as IconLover. 8-bit GIF files can be used for producing light Web sites to be used with the slowest mobile platforms. Note that GIF files don’t include a full alpha-channel support; instead, they offer a single-bit transparency mask. Again, you can render your 8-bit icons from 32-bit originals with IconLover, or use pre-rendered icons supplied with your icon set. The GIF icons supplied will look fine on any background, but you can produce your own versions if you have a bright, colourful background and want your icons blend with it smoothly.

Windows programs can normally only use a single kind of file depending on what exactly you’re going to use it for. For example, ICO files are normally used as application icons. ICO files include the same image (or, rarely, different images) in a number of sizes and color depths within a single file. The system will automatically pick the right size and color depth depending on the user’s display settings and the location of the icon. It’s best to assemble all standard sizes and color resolutions in a single ICO file. Our stock icons already include all standard resolutions and color versions stored in the ICO files; if you want to build your own ICO files, you can use IconLover.

There are dozens of other things we’d love to tell you about using your newly purchased graphics. You can access an extended version of this article covering the many Windows controls and development environments such as Java, C#, .NET and Visual Studio, at http://www.aha-soft.com/faq/integrating-icons-development-environments.htm. You can always get the right icons for your programs or Web sites at www.aha-soft.com.