Sign ? Signified and the Ideational Component of Any Image

There are numbers of designs of sign or linguistic sign available for a particular symbol and product. However, the classic design is a best one produce by Swiss linguist of Ferdinand de Saussure. As per his opinion, this language is creating the image and all signs that have two sides like the coin or any paper sheet. However, the signified and the ideational component are all about the concept that comes in everyone mind. Also the previous mental concept is much more similar with the latest actual object. However, the Saussure is considerate the sign as the double side model of the sign. Saussure is also guess that once the convention is recognized, it is much critical to modify that allows languages to stay both static. It is also a set language resolute by the conventions to develop. In this way, the advanced terms are also required to deal with the condition and technologies that cover with older image.

According to Saussure, relation between signifier and signified is totally “arbitrary”, that is there is not any direct connection between shape and concept. For example, there is not any reason why letters C A T (and sound of the phonemes) make exactly an image of small, and domesticated animal with four legs and tail in minds. It is because of “convention”: and speakers of same language group that have agreed (learned) these letters and sounds evoke some image.

You can compare the aerial drawing of London (and field of the potential signifieds) with grid (signifiers field) placed on that. Grid is arbitrary and its structure (motivated) divides this drawing in areas (that will then get referred to). Division of this drawing is arbitrary. Two concepts are cited to disprove the Saussure?s claim, but, he gives reasons why these concepts are totally irrelevant.

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