Icon books ? Showing the Right Ways to Beginners!

The Icon Books have a small autonomous of the British publisher that got popularity in the thought provoking books. The company was established in year of 1991 by three partners like Richard Appignanesi who is the real editor of Beginners series as well as the author of Introducing Freud. At the same way, he has Introducing Existentialism, Introducing Postmodernism and other two partner of the company Jeremy Cox who is an author as well as Peter Pugh who is an author and also involved in book business. The first Beginners books of the Icon?s were launched at the Colletts bookshop that located at the Charing Cross Road in London. in March 1992. On the other hand, in the 1990s series was produced considerably starting the unique four, that was aging launched for the great approval at begin of 1999 by the new heading Introducing. However, 71 titles was introduce at the end of 2001.


Icon publishes various books in the non-fiction. To have tended to publish in the series, like lists of the Postmodern Encounters, the Ideas in the Psychoanalysis as well as Revolutions in Science, now Icon is publishing more individual titles, like bestselling guide to Internet, Internet from A – Z and the critically acclaimed Euro

The 2002 was exciting year for the Icon Books, decade the first Beginners books gone on sale. The six brand new titles, 2 fascinating Postmodern Encounters, and new books in Revolutions in Science in Psychoanalysis lists, and whole new series, offers and lots more. The 2003 promises being better! At 1994 Icon Books have signed the agreement with the Penguin Books, and the Penguin sold Icon?s titles in market of world except USA (where tIhe con trades as Books Totem) and Australasia.

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