Bit Plane Helps to Determine the Color Codes!

A bit plant is a set of color bits that are organizing in the respective of binary numbers. For instant, a 16bit data presentation is having 16bit-planes. Using of bit plane in images, you can get assortment beneficial results. Also, the bit plane often has used as synonymous of bitmap. Keep in mind that bit plane is the software for analyzing the 3D and 4D images codes. There is one method to calculate the bit plane pixel, so that you should take tow pixels from bit plane and renamed as X and Y. In this regard, you need to compare the (X-1, Y), (X, Y-1), and (X-1 and Y-1). After the comparison, you can get accurate answer about the pixels are noisy or not noisy. It is the biggest option for you, so that you need to follow it. Also, you can get some information about bit plane from this Wikipedia. So, let?s browse the Wiki and get your answer! Incrementing a little plane by one gives a final result half of the value of the previous bit plane. In case, bit is set to one, half value of the previous plane is been added, or it will not, defining final value.


The bit plane is at times used as the synonymous to Bitmap; but, technically former refers to location of a data in memory as well as latter to data itself. One feature of making use of the bit planes is to determine whether the bit plane is the random noise and has important information. One way for calculating it is compare every pixel (X,Y) to 3 adjacent pixels (X,Y-1), (X-1,Y) as well as (X-1,Y-1). In case, pixel is same as 2 of 3 adjacent pixels, it isn?t noise and noisy bit plane may have 49% – 51% pixels, which are noise.

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