Anuthin Wongsunkakon ? Stated a Thai Communication Design Firm

Anuthin Wongsunkakon is a designer born in 1973 at Bangkok. He was also stated a Thai communication design firm by the typographic solution with the help of his partner Cadson Demark. He has also started studying the graphics designs works at the Rangsit University when Thai design sector developed its designs to pre computer based designs into computer based graphics. After finishing his bachelor degree he sustained in his studies in New York at Pratt Institute. However, Anuthin and two of his best friends have got Cadson Demak in 2002 by the original plan to make stylish, affordable design and simple products. Finally, they have steered the corporation to communication as well as about the designs. Basically, his works are dealing with the lettering, logotype and print designs. He is getting more popularity for his gift that he offers to Thai typography. These are used in the tradition font plan or design service to the business industry like the Creative Technology and Advance Info Service.


Much of the work deals with logotype, print, as well as lettering, however he is known for the contribution to the Thai typography or for reintroducing the custom font service to local business industry. The Anuthin had given fonts for a lot of companies that includes Creative Technology, Advance Info Service, Men?s Health, Wallpaper and Arena that he collaborated with the Christian Schwartz for designing Amplitude. His frequent collaborator is the Ekaluck Peanpanawate, that worked very closely under the direction on many projects like Nokia Sans, dtac?, Tesco Lotus and CAT?. Apart from custom made ones, Latin and Thai typefaces is used by different enterprises, notably in the local and the international magazines like Wired, Blue, as well as Snowboarding. Few of them look on the book covers, record sleeves and consumer products, Five for Fighting and so on.

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