Interaction Design is Creating a Best Interface in Between the User and Computer!

Interaction design is shorten of LxD, and it is defining the behavior and structure of interactive emit. The designers of interactive emits can put more effort to design a meaningful relationships in between the product and consumers. The designers can accomplish this sort of job through advance technology like computer or latest mobile system.

The interaction design can be applied in other sorts of non-electronic products, services and organizations. There are numbers of interaction designers available who are offering great solution to make a comfortable interact in between the person to person, and people to products. It is the best solution to be applied for improvement of all sorts of events and services. It is most important to remember that interaction design is having some disciplines like industrial designs, cognitive psychology, human factors and ergonomics, human computer interaction, architecture, design research, and user interface design. It?s time to get more information about interaction design for preparing perfect interacts in required field. Interaction designers follow same processes to make the solution (not a solution) to the known ID problem. The designers build the fast prototypes and check them with users to validate and rebut an idea. There are major steps in the interaction design. It is based on the user feedback, many iteration cycles might happen.

Icons Design

Design Research

Making use of design research methods (interviews, observations, related activities), the designers investigate the users and environment to learn little more about them, thus can design for them.

Concept Generation and Research Analysis

Drawing on the combination of the user research, business opportunities and technological possibilities, designers make the concepts for the new software, , services, and systems. The process might involve some multiple rounds of the brainstorming, refinement and discussion.

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