Graphics File Formats Used to Display Images on the Internet!

Graphic file formats are uniform means of organizing and storing digital images. Graphic files are composed of either pixel or vector data when displayed in a vector graphic display. The pixel that constitute an image are representing as magnitudes of brightness and color. Image file size in Graphic file formats expressed as the number of bytes. When the color depth of image increases the pixel of an image also increases. There are normally two types of file compression such as: Lossless and Lossy compression. Lossless file compression decrease file size without losing image quality. These types of image file compression are required when image quality is valued above file size. In the other hand lossy compression is allow for variable quality compressions as the file size is reduced. Well, there are hundreds of graphics file formats available but the PNG, JPEG and GIF formats are often used to display the images on the internet.


The image compression makes use of the algorithms to decrease size of the file. The high resolution of cameras make large image files, and ranging at hundreds of kilobytes and megabytes, per camera’s resolution as well as image storage format ability. The high resolution cameras record twelve megapixel (1MP=1,000,000 pixels/1 million) images, and more, in the true color. For instance, the image recorded by the 12MP camera; as every pixel makes use of three bytes to record the true color, uncompressed image will occupy 36,000,000bytes of the memory?great amount of the digital storage for an image, given cameras should record as well as store a lot of images to be very practical. If faced with the large file sizes, both in camera and storage disc, the image file formats were been developed to store large images.

777icons are Offering Tons of Benefits

Now, there are so many computer users looking for the best icons designs through which they can get advantages for their professional field. These 777icons are offering assortment advantages through which you can achieve desire result in your working field. These days, the 777icons are managing to draw more importance from users for its assortment advantages like:

  • These icons are very much compatible to windows
  • Also, these icons are available in 83760 icon images with 52 sets.
  • 777icons are designed with transparency background in various states like highlighted, normal, and disabled.
  • Also, 777icons are available in various file formats like GIF, BMP, ICO, and PNG.


    You can see that these icons are designed to use in assortment software fields like web designing, computer users, software development, blog, and forums. These icons are really having such a good quality through which all users are getting tons of benefits in their professional filed. With many icon software that are available in market, it is the hard thing while it comes to choosing of best one for meeting your desired requirements. But, making some considerations will significantly alleviate a maze. Here are a few of aspects that you can look at in target software.Interface of icon software matters much and most of developers are making use of best interfaces that accommodate desired applications. But, not all interfaces are very friendly. It must thus, be the priority to choose the software, which gives user friendly interface. Also, this can help to ease use and perfecting on that within short time. Output and input features must be countered and icon software generally needs an uploading of the images for facilitating development of custom icons. But, a range of the input options that are available varies.

  • 7 Principles of Effective Icon Design ? Follow These Principles!

    Before starting to create an icon design, you need to consider some guidelines and principles. Holistic approach like simplicity, perspective, style and size are the right options for you to start the designing of effective icons. It is the right time to know the 7 principles of effective icon design. These sorts of principles have discussed below.

  • You should approach the icons design holistically
  • Before starting to create the effective icon design, you need to consider the audience.
  • Print the sketch of required icon images
  • Design the icons simple and iconic
  • Consistence about reflections, lighting and shadows
  • Utilize a limited chemical addition
  • Design consistent icon set styles.

    When you are considering these sorts of 7 principles, you can easily start to design the effective icons through your computer. In this regard, you can easily these sorts of effective icons in websites, computer application and many more technological places. You will have various considerations in case, you are designing the intranet for the small company, instead for the product, which is sold internationally. While making the icons, the cultural considerations are very important. The symbols might differ for the common elements that you might use for the designs.


    Turbo Milk has one more good article 10 Mistakes in Icon Design and in this, they point out a few clear examples where a lot of icon designs go totally wrong. They discuss the national and the social features in point 7 of article. ?It is necessary to take in account the conditions where the icon will be used. The important feature here is the national characteristics. The cultural traditions, gestures and surroundings will differ radically from one country to another.? They go on giving the example of how the mailboxes vary greatly between the countries.

  • Icons Windows 7 ? Amazing to Use the Icons!

    It?s amazing to use the icons of windows 7 in the system. The windows 7 icons are having amazing features, cool looks with great functionality. Also, these icons are available in ICO and PNG formats. So, you can easily use it in your system. With these icons you can get numbers of benefits through which you can get a satisfactory result. It?s time to move for the online media and get the samples of windows 7 icons for using in the desktop. In this way, you can get real experience of using the windows 7 icons. These days, the Windows 7 icons are available in assortment designs and colors. So, you have the option to select the best icons for your desktop. Also, you can select those icons which are relating your professional works. The windows 7 icons are the best options to decorate the desktop successfully. It is the best time to move for online media and download the icons samples.


    Thus, in case we begin about use of windows 7 icons than a word is enough and it is we make use of windows 7 icons in all over the place. It is been used to present all kinds of options as well as programs. In modern days various special windows 7 icons are willingly available in market as well as simple to make by person who is used to denote service and options. Main objective behind use is saving time for computing. It is because you don?t have to read menu. Watch icon as well as subsequently you can identify what the icon represents. For instance, in standard toolbar you will see there is not any writing such as save, file, print and so on. Instead we see windows 7 icons that represent file, save, and print options. You can also decorate your desktop with help of these icons and this is one of the best option that you have with you. This will really help in your work and you can do whatever you want to with help of these icons of your desktop.

    Interaction Design is Creating a Best Interface in Between the User and Computer!

    Interaction design is shorten of LxD, and it is defining the behavior and structure of interactive emit. The designers of interactive emits can put more effort to design a meaningful relationships in between the product and consumers. The designers can accomplish this sort of job through advance technology like computer or latest mobile system.

    The interaction design can be applied in other sorts of non-electronic products, services and organizations. There are numbers of interaction designers available who are offering great solution to make a comfortable interact in between the person to person, and people to products. It is the best solution to be applied for improvement of all sorts of events and services. It is most important to remember that interaction design is having some disciplines like industrial designs, cognitive psychology, human factors and ergonomics, human computer interaction, architecture, design research, and user interface design. It?s time to get more information about interaction design for preparing perfect interacts in required field. Interaction designers follow same processes to make the solution (not a solution) to the known ID problem. The designers build the fast prototypes and check them with users to validate and rebut an idea. There are major steps in the interaction design. It is based on the user feedback, many iteration cycles might happen.

    Icons Design

    Design Research

    Making use of design research methods (interviews, observations, related activities), the designers investigate the users and environment to learn little more about them, thus can design for them.

    Concept Generation and Research Analysis

    Drawing on the combination of the user research, business opportunities and technological possibilities, designers make the concepts for the new software, , services, and systems. The process might involve some multiple rounds of the brainstorming, refinement and discussion.

    Drawing Android Dialog Icons

    Android developers must follow the stringent guidelines when designing icons for their mobile apps. Icon Design Guidelines for Dialog Icons specify icon resolutions and provide guidelines for choosing the color palette and visual styling of icons used in pop-up dialog boxes and interactive prompts.

    Android apps run on a wide range of hardware platforms equipped with screens of different resolutions. To accommodate the variety of screens used in the many devices running Android, the guidelines specify three different icon sizes for low-, mid- and high-resolution screens. These resolutions are defined as 24×24 pixels for low-definition displays (ldpi), 32×32 pixels for medium-resolution screens (mdpi), and 48×48 pixels for high-resolution screens (hdpi).

    Style wise, Android dialog icons are flat, face-on graphics designed with the use of a light gradient and inner shadow. These visual features help dialog icons to stand out against a dark background. No
    isometric projection or 3D styles are allowed in order to maintain a uniform look among all Android applications developed by multiple vendors.

    Android Dialog Icons Design

    1. Dialog icons have a 1 pixel safeframe
    2. Inner shadow: black, 25% opacity, angle -90?,
    distance 1px, size 0px
    3. Front part: gradient overlay, angle 90?
    bottom: r 223 ; g 223 ; b 223,
    top: r 249 ; g 249 ; b 249,
    bottom color location: 0%,
    top color location: 75%

    The Design Guidelines specify a gradient for icons? overlay. The gradient overlay is laid out from bottom to the top at an angle of 90 degrees. The gradient starts from the bottom as 233, 233, 233 (an R,G,B color), and goes up to 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B) at 75% to the top. The space from that point up is filled with a solid color of 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B).

    Android Dialog Icons

    The inner shadow is added black at 25% opacity (controlled via the alpha-channel) at -90 degrees. The shift from the main picture is 1px, while the size of the shadow is 0px (which means the shadow is the size of the main image itself).

    Designing Android-style dialog icons is a fairly easy, step-by-step process. You can create your icons in a graphic editor such as Adobe Photoshop by downloading the Icon Templates Pack for Android 2.3 from the Android Web site. However, raster editing may not be the best way, as you will have to draw each of the three icon resolutions separately.

    To save time drawing the three sizes (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi), a vector editor is recommended. You can draw the basic shape of the icon in a vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator and export the image into Adobe Photoshop, rendering the vector source into the required reaolution (24×24, 32×32, or 48×48 pixels correspondingly). The rest is simple: add an overlay gradient in a separate layer, and add the correct inner shadow in yet another layer. Save the icon as a PSD file for future editing, and save it as a PNG file with transparency enabled to use the icon in your Android app.

    To save time designing icons for your Android app, you may choose a ready-made icon set instead. The extensive library of Android Dialog Icons by Aha-Soft offers 86 unique icons drawn in strict accordance with the Dialog Icons Design Guidelines. This royalty-free collection is provided in the form of PNG files with alpha-channel, and offers PSD source images. Scalable AI and SVG vector sources are available. You can preview and purchase the set at the company?s Web site.

    Android Dialog Icons

    Using Stock Icons in Your Application

    There are a few typical questions usually asked by developers. Where should I use 32-bit icons with alpha-channel, and why choose them over traditional 8-bit images? What development environment support 32-bit graphics, and what file formats should be used? Finally, which versions of stock icons to use for the many Windows control elements? Let’s clear these questions one by one.


    Download icon images for development

    Picking 32-bit icons over their 8-bit counterparts is natural. 32-bit icons feature an extra layer describing a translucency mask. This layer is called alpha channel. Thanks to the alpha channel, icons with 32-bit color depth can integrate nicely with any background, featuring smooth edges and looking in place even if your background has a busy color, gradient, or shows an image or pattern. In addition, the alpha channel can make shadows and reflections appear semi-transparent, making them appear natural and overall rendering extremely realistic.
    So, 32-bit icons are just the right type to use. The real question is if you will be able to use them in your project. In reality, 32-bit icons can be used in most situations – and cannot be used in others. If you’re designing a Web site, then chances are that your target audience already has compatible Web browsers that can show 32-bit icons with full semi-translucency support. Exceptions are far and between, and include Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions, ancient builds of Mozilla, and a few resource-limited mobile browsers (although most mobile browsers can still display 32-bit images).

    For Web use, you would use 32-bit icons in PNG format wherever possible. If maintaining support for really old browsers is important, you can fall back to 24-bit PNG icons, converting the original 32-bit images with an icon editing tool such as IconLover. 8-bit GIF files can be used for producing light Web sites to be used with the slowest mobile platforms. Note that GIF files don’t include a full alpha-channel support; instead, they offer a single-bit transparency mask. Again, you can render your 8-bit icons from 32-bit originals with IconLover, or use pre-rendered icons supplied with your icon set. The GIF icons supplied will look fine on any background, but you can produce your own versions if you have a bright, colourful background and want your icons blend with it smoothly.

    Windows programs can normally only use a single kind of file depending on what exactly you’re going to use it for. For example, ICO files are normally used as application icons. ICO files include the same image (or, rarely, different images) in a number of sizes and color depths within a single file. The system will automatically pick the right size and color depth depending on the user’s display settings and the location of the icon. It’s best to assemble all standard sizes and color resolutions in a single ICO file. Our stock icons already include all standard resolutions and color versions stored in the ICO files; if you want to build your own ICO files, you can use IconLover.

    There are dozens of other things we’d love to tell you about using your newly purchased graphics. You can access an extended version of this article covering the many Windows controls and development environments such as Java, C#, .NET and Visual Studio, at You can always get the right icons for your programs or Web sites at

    Why Should You Use PNG File Format in Your Website Creation?

    The PNG file format was introduced quite a while back; it was brought out in the market in 1995/96 to cover the drawbacks of the the common GIF file format. However, it did not make an impression because the early browsers were not designed to support the progressive features of PNG so web designers and creators had to include it in their designs restrictedly. One of the primary hindrances that marred the features of PNG was with Microsoft’s flagship product, Internet Explorer which was by far the most famous browsers of that period; IE had little or no space for PNG support consequently the format could only be used to a bare minimum. Then, the scene changed with the introduction of IE7; this new browser from Microsoft has proved immensely useful in increasing increasing the utility of PNGs. So lets take a look at three reasons why PNG is one of the best image formats around today:

    It is possible to create see through images or a property known as alpha transparency: When you compare PNG with GIF, it will become apparent that one of the major differences is that you will only be able to save any odd color transparently through the use of GIF this simply means that the color can be transformed whether opaque or transparent with just transparency in betweenbut when you use PNG, you get a serious advantage; because the format is capable of producing semi transparent pixels. This simply means that you can save a PNG image with a soft drop shadow and then fuse it with a background that suits your taste. The Image can also be used as a gradient background or water mark. The format gives you the option to use the slow fading of colors from fully opaque to see through, exposing the webpage below

    PNG Icons

    They look fantastic: Not only do you get surprising flexibility when using PNG images but also; there are a myriad of other benefits to incorporating this format. For example, when you use a JPEG image, you lose a portion of the data on the original file every time you save the file, so after a while, you will be able to see a conspicuous decline in the appearance of the images. Although, this concern has been resolved in in the file type and you will be able to save the pictures without compromising any data, GIF has a highly restrictive 256 color palette, which renders it quite ineffective if you are going to save a snap shot. But, with PNG, you could get the most desired attributes of both these formats; you get an extensive color display like with JPEG file type and it also supports managed color palette like GIF files. Another advantage is that the compression of the picture is lossless so the image stays put regardless of how many time you save it.

    PNG is self optimizing: A serious problem that web designers need to handle very often is the anomaly due to which the brightness and the contrast ratio of the screen has to be regulated to see the images appropriately; this problem occurs due to the difference in the Gamma setting used for the different monitors. Gamma is a technology that helps to scatter the luminance across the screen. However, different operating systems use a variety of Gamma settings. Therefore, multimedia that is color corrected specifically for Windows may not look right on a Mac. Again, in this situation the flexible PNG format can help you out, in PNG, you can store the files with with a Gamma correction feature that is innate so despite the differences in operating systems; the Gamma settings will be changed on its own to display an image with the perfect contrast and brightness.

    Would you like to use stock images to spruce up your writing?

    If you write articles or upload them to different websites that use third party content as an SEO strategy, you need to consider utilizing stock images in conjunction with an informative article to ensure that your visitors enjoy reading your work and being on the page that displays your writing. Here is a look at how you can get admirable stock pictures without spending a small fortune for them.

    There are numerous free sites that provide stock pictures that designers can include in their work with only an accreditation; these websites offer images of acceptable quality so they can be put to use. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides high quality images for a price that is negligible when compared to the product that you receive in return. Several of these establishments will provide a limited group of free graphics which can be used without paying a dime and then they also feature a plethora of paid images that can be purchased for a small fee; right after you have determined their ‘oomph’ value when used in conjunction with your content.

    When you visit one of these sites select the niche of the graphics that you are interested in; it is recommended that you start with the free stuff and then buy the graphics once you have gauged the difference in response to your content after the inclusion of images. Normally the best products are advertised on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you should be able to see only the free section.


    Pick the graphics that suit your requirements if this is not suitable, you can also search for images through the use of keyword phrases which is a better alternative; right after you have chosen the graphics, you should be able to scroll down to the availability option. Almost all websites will offer graphics that can be used with the run of the mill restrictions but there may be others that have in place slightly different conditions. It is recommended that you check any additional conditions before using the images. On the other hand some websites may want you to get a written permission from the photographer but for most businesses a simple accreditation acknowledging the work of the photographer should suffice.

    Download the graphics of your choice and use the images with your writing when you post your material to an ezine. Make sure that you do not fail to include the name of the graphic designer or image maker in the photo credit section. You can get the name of the photographer by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

    You will notice that on some sites, you will need post a link to your article in the a section reserved for picture comment. The best part of doing this is that you will be able to get a back link which is sure to help you in your search engine optimization efforts and channel more readers to your website. Although certain sites like are opposed to the idea of using images, there are others like are open to the idea. Regardless of where you use it, graphic can add a touch of spice to your content; so, the next time you come up with an impressive piece, think about using graphics to increase its appeal.
    On the other hand, you could also buy from a site that provides clip art like and anime graphics that can also do wonders when used with articles. However, you should remember to use images that suit your niche.

    Do you know the advantages of using images On Your Site?

    Early on, web designing had extremely humble foray and HTML was the sole tool incorporated to create web sites ;however, things have changed drastically since then. Online establishments have undergone a distinct change; now, these online sites are recreational channels that tantalize to give you a visual and auditory treat.

    That time has long since passed when visitors had to make do with page after page of details with negligible visual entertainment, at this point most sites are embellished with the intelligent inclusion of graphics. If you have not considered using icons in your web design, you are losing huge group of clients, so here is a look at how you can incorporate tiny pictorial depictions on your site to augment its value.


    Practical Usage: web graphics are no different from other images; they offer a plethora of details in a tiny image. They give visitors a clear perception about the different parts of the online establishment and help to attract their response. Include them for the rapid comprehension of a message or to clarify a section of your web page. So let’s see how tiny pictorial representations and anime graphics can be used for the task.

    graphical representations not only increase the artistic and visual appeal of a website, these tiny graphics will prove indispensable when it comes to assisting the visitor with page navigation, graphics will not only increase the visual appeal of the task, but also make the website look professionally designed.

    Icons stand out extremely well when used with some words to pull the visitors attention to to an unusually placed navigation system like a nav tool placed in the middle of the page. Usually the navigation tool will be lost amidst the massive volumes of information ; however, with the assistance of icons, you can ascertain that the visitor knows for sure how he can move to some other section of the web page on the site without having to look hard for a link. So, images are unbelievably useful in drawing attention to certain parts of the website such as the section on special offers. Icons also offer an amazing and effective way to to simplify a web page. If you have one time discounts on your web site that you want the clients to take note of, use graphical representation to ensure that your grab their attention.

    Icons will also create ripples when used to let your clients know about the services that you sell without them needing to read line after line. For instance, if you wish to apprise your clients of the fact that the sales figures have been steadily growing, show it with a pie chart. You have to remember that it is best to use graphics that are commonly associated with the information that you are trying to convey and understood.
    If your site has a lot of heading used for numerous topics use icons to ensure that every one of these headings stand out with an additional helping of allure.
    As a matter of fact, you could make a complete site with only icons with only a line or two dedicated to words. This form of design is simplistic yet enticing. Add to this the fact that you simply cannot ignore the practical uses of such web site architecture. It is not unusual to find graphics being put to use as an extension of the organization’s brand creation efforts but on some sites these icons are placed to only add to the look of the site.