Have you considered using stock icons?

If you are a web designer or writing a program, you must already know that icons are often the things that add to the quality of your site; they can take your program or website from being just functional to one that is is professional, easy to use and attractive.

However, making your exclusive stock icons can be nothing short of harrowing and of course time consuming. If you hire the services of a web graphics designer, you will have to dole out an exorbitant amount for the icon collection. On the other hand, you can get the precise quality from icon collections available online for a percentage of the price. A collection of stock icons can include more than a hundred icons, offered in different graphic formats that are perfect for showing the functions that are popularly seen on most websites and software programs; such as, help, copy, paste, lock etc.

Admin Icons

If you don’t buy graphics that suit your requirements, you can simply contact one of these websites and request them to create exclusive icons for you; this is an immensely preferable option; simply, the the person who created the other icons in the series will be in a better position to retain some semblance of similarity throughout the series of images associated with a distinct theme.

The second doubt that a majority of people think about is whether they should opt for the commercial graphics or pick free collections, so here are some thoughts on the positive attributes of commercial stock icons as compared to the free pictures:

Price: The price of an icon collection is to the tune of $100 and more depending on the number of images. However, free icon collections will normally have infringement related problems and/or you will need to offer accreditations while you use them on your site.

Size: Good quality stock icon sets can be bought in a plethora of sizes, so although you buy one icon, you will get them in several sizes like 16×16, 24×24 etc; you can also purchase them in various states like disabled, hot etc. But unlike these; free images can only be procured in a singular size and state

License: You may encounter some concerns with the licenses that are free; you will not have the liberty to modify the icons in anyway nor will you have the permission to utilize them as many times as you want but with commercial stock icons, you can utilize the stock icons whenever and wherever you want.

Usability: Good icon libraries will generally contain enough images to cover all your application and web graphic needs but with free icons even if you were to procure good quality images, they cannot be found easily which means that you will not be able to incorporate them in your applications.

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