Have you considered using stock icons?

If you are a web designer or writing a program, you must already know that icons are often the things that add to the quality of your site; they can take your program or website from being just functional to one that is is professional, easy to use and attractive.

However, making your exclusive stock icons can be nothing short of harrowing and of course time consuming. If you hire the services of a web graphics designer, you will have to dole out an exorbitant amount for the icon collection. On the other hand, you can get the precise quality from icon collections available online for a percentage of the price. A collection of stock icons can include more than a hundred icons, offered in different graphic formats that are perfect for showing the functions that are popularly seen on most websites and software programs; such as, help, copy, paste, lock etc.

Admin Icons

If you don’t buy graphics that suit your requirements, you can simply contact one of these websites and request them to create exclusive icons for you; this is an immensely preferable option; simply, the the person who created the other icons in the series will be in a better position to retain some semblance of similarity throughout the series of images associated with a distinct theme.

The second doubt that a majority of people think about is whether they should opt for the commercial graphics or pick free collections, so here are some thoughts on the positive attributes of commercial stock icons as compared to the free pictures:

Price: The price of an icon collection is to the tune of $100 and more depending on the number of images. However, free icon collections will normally have infringement related problems and/or you will need to offer accreditations while you use them on your site.

Size: Good quality stock icon sets can be bought in a plethora of sizes, so although you buy one icon, you will get them in several sizes like 16×16, 24×24 etc; you can also purchase them in various states like disabled, hot etc. But unlike these; free images can only be procured in a singular size and state

License: You may encounter some concerns with the licenses that are free; you will not have the liberty to modify the icons in anyway nor will you have the permission to utilize them as many times as you want but with commercial stock icons, you can utilize the stock icons whenever and wherever you want.

Usability: Good icon libraries will generally contain enough images to cover all your application and web graphic needs but with free icons even if you were to procure good quality images, they cannot be found easily which means that you will not be able to incorporate them in your applications.

The Practical Applications of Windows Icons and How to get them?

Windows XP has made intense use of web animations which is the primary cause for its fame. The innovative GUI or graphical user interface makes it easy for even the inexperienced user to input data with considerable ease. If you have to access a folder, all you should do is click on the graphical representation or the Windows icons on the screen. You can also change these windows icons to make the look of your desktop befit your liking.

Windows icons

If you are wondering why you should lift your fingers for altering the images, the answer is very straight forward, computer users get tired of seeing regular computer graphics day in and day out and altering the Windows icons can offer a novel working atmosphere for folks who are forever sitting in front of their computers. This just means that selecting fresh computer graphics can literally help to improve your work efficiency. If you have not thought about modifying the images on your desktop as yet; here are some clear-cut guidelines that will make the task hassle free.

  • The initial step is to; needless to say, switch on the computer and let Windows load as it always does
  • Once you see the desktop, click on the start menu which is at the bottom of the monitor on the right hand corner of the screen; this will bring up a menu, you should see the tab “My computer” and click on it. An alternate way is to open the computer storage through a double click on the “My computer” icon on the monitor; this is generally the first pictorial depiction on the monitor; however, the icon will only be on the screen if it has been enabled on the desktop.
  • This being done, you should look for the function related to the icon, the aim is to switch this icon for another. You will need to have an idea about the position of the file on the hard drive or you can see the search option in the start menu to find the file and figure out its exact location

    Where to find eye catching web graphics?
    There are numerous websites that provide free web graphic sets; as a matter of fact, many of these websites feature images for varied areas of work. If you don’t prefer the quality of the free graphics, windows icons are also available at ‘easy on the pocket’ prices.

  • Speeding Up Web Development with Stock Web Icons

    There are multiple ways to get icons done for Web sites and software applications. Corporations with deep pockets employ designers who make custom graphics full-time. Smaller organizations outsource their graphics to third-party design studios, getting their images for hefty fees. Organizations that are even smaller contract freelance designers, saving a bunch of money at the risk of not getting any graphics at all, getting something not drawn to specs, or receiving what’s needed too late.

    Using ready-made icons saves software and Web developers time, money and uncertainty. Why should you get stock images? There are a number of reasons. With ready-made icons, you’ll get your images momentarily after placing an order. Ready-made images are available for instant preview and immediate download the moment you place your order. No long waits and no surprises in getting your icons done!

    By purchasing a ready-made collection, you save on ordering custom images. Stock web icons are much more affordable than any icons you order from a design studio. By going stock, you are saving time and money, moving your project a leap closer to completion without robbing the bank.

    With stock icons, you get images on time, guaranteed! No delays and no surprises – you get exactly what you see the very moment you place an order.

    With royalty-free web icons, you pay once, use anywhere. If you order royalty-free graphics such as those offered by perfect-icons.com, you can use the images in as many projects as you wish. Pay once, use anywhere! No extra licensing fees are required.

    If you deal with Perfect Icons, you can receive up to 5 matching icons made for you. Free with every purchase of an icon set! Need just one or two images matching the collection you’ve just purchased to finish your project? How about five? Perfect Icons will make you up to five icons to match your requirements and the style of the icon library you have purchased without charging you a penny!


    icons for web

    About Perfect Icons

    Perfect Icons has multiple sets of affordable stock images ready to be used by software and Web developers. By providing developers with stock, royalty-free icons, Perfect-Icons.com helps you speed up software development, remove uncertainty of looks of the final product, and reduce bottom line expenses on graphics design.

    Perfect Icons contains a number of icons libraries in a variety of image styles, themes, and sizes. The site features images made in Windows XP and Windows 7 styles, as well as theme graphics having their own unique styling.

    Royalty-Free Website Icons for Mobile and Online Projects

    Making a software or online product for a developer sector? Today’s usability guidelines in GUI design require the use of matching, easily recognizable images even in serious database-related applications.

    Ordering images from a professional design studio or hiring a designer to draw the icons in-house can give you a nice-looking set, but associated costs and possible delays limit the effectiveness of this method. Purchasing royalty-free images from a reputable company might be a better idea if you are on a budget and/or have a deadline. Stock graphics is handily available for immediate purchase, allowing you to save significant investments due to the usually low costs of icons. Before ordering, you can always view what you are about to get, and have an option to choose among multiple offerings.

    The set of Perfect Website Icons includes more than two hundred PNG and GIF icons tailored to applications and Web-based products for web designers, application developers and just for fun. Designed as a matching set, Perfect Website Icons are ideal for creating professional, slick looks throughout the entire product.

    website icon

    The collection of royalty-free website icons includes more than 200 downloadable icons such as the Globe icon, User icons, and images depicting various internet objects and symbols. There are icons for online shops and order processing, multiple icons depicting the world’s currencies such as Dollar icon, Pound icon, Euro and Yen icons. Trading icons include Visa card, Exchange, Dollars, Sum, Product basket, Hand cart, and many other symbols for the retail sector. There are icons for Certificate and Book, Folder and Calendar, Folder and Accountant among many others.

    Technically, website toolbar icons are available in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions, and include 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48 pixel icons. The library of web icons supplies images with all color depths, including semi-transparent True Color and 8-bit icons. Three different styles are included with every purchase: normal, disabled, and highlighted. File formats include Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG for easy integration with Windows applications and online projects.

    It is free to have a look at the royalty-free set of web icons. Have a free peek at www.perfect-icons.com.

    Producing Standard Tab and Menu Icons for Android Apps

    There are precise guidelines available in reference to Android icons. Different design guidelines are available for tab icons and menu icons.

    Android Icons for Navigation Bars

    Tab icons represent individual tabs in tabbed interface. Tab icons should be supplied in two distinct states: unselected and selected. It is recommended that tab icons are drawn as simple, flat shapes as opposed to graphics drawn in 3D or isometric projection.

    Android OS and Android apps can run on a variety of hardware platforms using a wide range of hardware. In reference to icon graphics, those platforms can have different display sizes, screen resolutions, pixel dimensions and density. To accommodate the variety of displays, Android developers must supply all tab icons used in their apps in at least three resolutions to be displayed on low, medium, and high density displays. Pixel-wise, the outer boundaries for the three resolutions are defined as 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48 pixels. The size of the shape itself should not exceed 22×22, 28×28, and 42×42 pixels respectively. By including all three standard resolutions, designers can ensure that their apps will be shown properly on a wide range of platforms running the Android OS.

    Menu icons are displayed in the “options” menu, and are displayed to the user when they press the Menu button. Similar to tab icons, menu icons should be flat, greyscale images. Just as tab icons, developers cannot use 3D or isometric projections.

    Pixel resolutions for menu icons are defined in a slightly more complex way compared to tab icons. Instead of just two resolutions described for tab icons (inner shape and boundary box), the inner shape of menu icons can be smaller or larger depending on whether they are square-shaped or not. If a menu icon is square-shaped, its dimensions should be smaller than for icons with different shapes. The reason for specifying two different size limits is to establish a consistent visual weight across the two icon types.

    The outer dimensions for low, medium, and high resolution icons are described as 36×36, 48×48, and 72×72 pixels respectively. Inner shapes for square, low-definition icons is 22×22 pixels, while non-square icons should fit into a boundary box sized 24×24 dots. Similarly, medium-definition icons should fit 30×30 and 32×32 pixel boundaries, while high-definition images should fit into 44×44 and 48×48 pixel rectangles respectively.

    Instead of designing your own graphics conforming to these guidelines, Android developers have an option of ordering stock icons from professional designers. As an example, Android Tab Icons by Aha-Soft offer 112 unique tab icons in both states and all three standard resolutions. Should additional resolutions be required, developers can render icons at any resolution by accessing scalable vector sources. Android Tab Icons can be viewed and downloaded at www.aha-soft.com.

    High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons

    Version: 2011.2
    Language: English, Russian
    License Type: Demo

    Here is a High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons collection, which will help each iPhone or iPad application developer get his graphic user interface in order. The icons from this set can be used in navigation, tab bars and toolbars, as they specifically meet the icon guidelines for iOS application design. A wide range of images, including symbols for Camera, Zoom, E-mail, Cut, Copy, Save, Profile, Search, Help, Lock and Unlock, along with navigation arrows and lots of other general purpose graphics is included into this collection. All the images have a transparent background and are available in two colors: black and white. Technically, there are 354 unique app icons created in matching style in a PNG format. The sizes for navigation bars of the following devices are available: 20×20 and 40×40 pixels (high resolution) for iPhone and iPod touch, 20×20 pixels for i Pad. The tab bar sizes include a 30×30 pixels icons for iPad and 30×30 and 60×60 pixels icons for iPhone and iPod touch. All the icons from this set are available for immediate online preview. A trial download is also provided for your convenience. After you’ve decided on the appearance of your icon, follow these guidelines as you create it: Use pure white with appropriate alpha transparency. Do not include a drop shadow. Use anti-aliasing. If you decide to add a bevel, be sure that it is 90 degrees (to help you do this, imagine a light source positioned at the top of the icon). For toolbar and navigation bar icons, create an icon in the following sizes: For iPhone and iPod touch: About 20 x 20 pixels About 40 x 40 pixels (high resolution) For iPad: About 20 x 20 pixels For tab bar icons, create an icon in the following sizes: For iPhone and iPod touch: About 30 x 30 pixels About 60 x 60 pixels (high resolution) For iPad: About 30 x 30 pixels These icons are here: http://www.aha-soft.com/stock-icons/high-resolution-app-tab-bar-icons.htm

    12×12 Free Toolbar Icons

    Version: 2011.1
    Language: English
    License Type: Freeware

    There are many different ways to get icons for your application. One of them is to design those icons yourself using one of the widely available icon-editing programs. But that could be a hard task, if your drawing skills are low or not present at all. The other way is to use a search engine and get the icons free of charge from someone, who does have some drawing skill and therefore, managed to create the icons and put them on the net. There is only one problem with those icons – their quality. You can usually see rough edges, inconsistent color and blurry look in smaller sizes. That does not apply to the images, created by professional designers. However, professionally designed icons are not usually offered free of charge. Not usually, does not mean not at all. And here is an exception. Developing a software is a serious task. It requires some thought, skill, and, of course, a bright set of icons to be used for buttons, toolbars etc. And that’s the part we can help you with. Download our 12×12 Free Toolbar Icons set and see it improve your work instantly. Icon images are provided in size 12×12 only. There are two color schemes available, 256 and 32-bit color. The file formats are PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO. It is available for instant free download. Small Icons designs a lot of icon sets and develops software for icon editing and toolbar design. It plans to release the following icon sets: Online Icon Pack, Large Funny Icons, Free Cute Icons, Desktop Computer Icons, Large Software Icons, Vienna Desktop Icons, Android Toolbar Icons, Phone Toolbar Icons, Small Buddy Icons, Perfect Online Icons.

    Cool Toolbar Icons

    Version: 2011.1
    Language: English
    License Type: Demo

    Cool Toolbar Icons is an extensive set of icons for modern applications. Bring your projects to life and give them the professional look using these colorful and well designed icons. With numerous icons in the package, there is something to suit all sorts of applications and Web sites. Each icon is available in a wide variety of sizes: from 16×16 to 48×48. There are also various color depths, file formats and states available. For maximum versatility, each icon is provided in bitmap (BMP), icon (ICO), GIF and PNG formats. Every icon is also available in three different states including normal, highlighted and disabled. A complete set of professionally designed icons like this will save you time, money and effort, since you won’t have to go through the expense of hiring a designer and they also have a higher quality than majority of the free icon packs available. Using this solution, you get guaranteed results quickly. You can find a preview of all the icons in the package on the website and there is also a demonstration version available.

    Clock Toolbar Icons

    Version: 2011.1
    Language: English
    License Type: Demo

    Clock Toolbar Icons is a collection of attractive time-related stock icons for developers of software applications and websites. The set includes images representing clocks, calendars and other objects and concepts, related to time, performance, schedules, appointments etc. Each icon is supplied in 5 sizes (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 pixels), 2 color depths (256 colors and 16.7 million colors with transparency) and 4 file formats: Windows icon (.ico), Bitmap (.bmp), GIF and PNG, enabling easy integration of images into any project or system. Each icon image also has 3 variations: normal, hot (selected) and disabled.

    Clock Toolbar Icons

    Classic Hardware Icon Set

    Version: 2011.1
    Language: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
    License Type: Demo

    Hardware Icon Set is a collection of high quality stock icons representing various hardware items: computer, laptop, monitor, floppy drive, sound card, USB flash drive and others. All pictures share the same consistent classic style with prevalence of blue colors. The collection is distributed in the BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO formats. Each icon was produced in 16×16, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 sizes sizes. The collection includes both 256-colors (suitable for old Windows versions) and full-color transparent icons (for Windows XP and Vista). Here is some ideas of possible uses of Hardware Icon Set: – System utilities; – Computers and components accounting applications; – Online computer shops. Hardware Icon Set is available at the following address: http://www.aha-soft.com/stock-icons/hardware-icons.htm You can purchase the entire Hardware Icon Set or individual icons for $5 each. Icons included in Hardware Icon Set are of excellent quality and have been created by professional designers. They are an excellent choice for individual software developers and small businesses willing to use modern high quality icons in their applications without having to hire a designer to draw them. Aha-Soft also plans to release the following icon sets: Desktop Toolbar Icons, Flag Toolbar Icons, Aero Toolbar Icons, Web Toolbar Icons, Office Toolbar Icons, Weather Toolbar Icons, Computer Toolbar Icons, Folder Toolbar Icons, Software Toolbar Icons, Design Toolbar Icons.

    Classic Hardware Icon Set